What is DOC Search?

A rapid insights platform to quickly locate, analyze, and monitor the most relevant evidence for any medical question:


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Who uses AI?

Thousands of researchers, policy makers, providers, MSLs, and other healthcare professionals have relied on DOC Search for years.

Why use NLP?

It nearly impossible to keep up using traditional methods when the volume of medical literature is increasing exponentially.

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Why use DOC Search?

  • Precise, relevant results

  • Fast & comprehensive

  • Collate multiple sources

  • Full-text annotations

  • Visualize trends & gaps

  • 'One click' drilldowns

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Link related documents


Data Mining

DOC Search AI is continuously indexing the most extensive collection of coronavirus literature, clinical trials, news, and more

Text Analytics

DOC Search NLP is annotating each document in real-time, integrating both unstructured and semi-structured data
How can I search the CORD-19 dataset?

In response to the White House call to action, DRE has indexed the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset ("CORD-19"), the most extensive machine-readable literature collection on COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and related coronaviruses.

Access evidence in the CORD-19 dataset



coronavirus scholarly articles


with full-text annotations



Who is collaborating?

In response to the White House call to action, DRE has indexed the
COVID-19 Open Research Dataset ("CORD-19") from collaborators:

  • Allen Institute for AI

  • National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health

  • Georgetown University

  • The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

  • Microsoft Research

  • Chan Zuckerberg Initiative



What data sources are included? Can I search for clinical trials?


Collate information from the following sources:

DOC Search Data Sources


Access all COVID-19 Clinical Trials



Can DOC Search accelerate drug repurposing and AI indication expansion?


DRE has done advanced AI-based drug repurposing work using unsupervised learning techniques in exploration of pathway, MOA, phenotype cohort clustering and formulation of referential patient cohorts to identify drug target candidates.

Our DOC Label, DOC Search, and DOC Analytics platforms are used as targeted narrow AI applications to accelerate and uncover drug repurposing applications to be evaluated by formulated working teams. DRE feels that it can materially help with 2 of the 5 working groups (being: clinical phase repurposing and preclinical repurposing) in Pharma’s unprecedented R&D collaboration initiative.


Access evidence for Drug Repurposing


COVID19 - Drug Repurposing Co-occurrence Matrix



Can I monitor treatments like Chloroquine, vaccines, etc?

Yes! Here are a few 'living' literature reviews to get you started:


Access evidence for Hydroxychloroquine


Access evidence for vaccines


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